Sunday, March 30, 2008

Santa Clara County – San Jose, California

This was a card I had on hand from the Winchester Mystery House. This is a local attraction that was build by Sarah Winchester (wife of the Winchester Rifle inventor).

I will be looking for a card that can actually be sent to me.

Santa Cruz County – Capitola, California

I received this card and in a package from the Capitola Soquel Chamber of Commerce. I had actually requested a business card to add to that collection.

The Shadowbrook is a lovely restaurant that is built in the side of the hill in Capitola. I’ve actually been lucky enough to be able to eat there.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Requests going out

I’ve managed to send out 57 requests today, with 12 not being valid addresses and have gotten a response from Nashville,Tennessee

I will try to get the postcards scanned and up as quickly as they come in. I will have a link to maps World, Canada, and United States.

Collecting postcards from around the World

I’m trying to get a postcard from every country in the World, every providence/territory in Canada, and every county in the United States. Ideally, I would like the postcard to be about the area it is sent from.

I have just started to solicit from local Chamber of Commerces to see if they will send one. I hope to also receive postcards from readers of this blog.