Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sonoma County - Healdsburg, California

Haydon Street Inn was kind enough to send this one - it looks like a nice cozy place to stay in wine/spa country.

Coos County - Colebrook, New Hampshire

Springtime in Colebroook, New Hampshire

Recieved this via xslip.

Clackamas County - Portland, Oregon

The Bridges of Portland, Oregon

The city of Portland, Oregon has many nicknames such as "City of Roses", "Stumptown" and "River City". Another nickname is "Bridgetown" because of its many bridges linking east Portland to downtown. Each bridge is different and has its own personality as depicted in ths collage.

Washoe County - Reno, Nevada


Located in the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, the breathtaking Reno area is not your average vacation destination. From the arts to the cultural splendor, and the vivid casinos to is unprecedented natural surroundings, Reno is a city rich in both tradition and fresh entertainment.


Reno is one of the fastest-growing US cities. Since gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931, tourism has been a major industry. Reno is a year round vacation spot with all it's resort facilities, night entertainment and casinos. the city's activity has resulted in it's slogan "the biggest little city in the world."

I got these via an exchange slip.

Placer County - Lake Tahoe, California (via xslip)

I got this via an exchange slip.

Incline Overlook
Lake Tahoe

In 1945 the California State Legislature officially named Lake Tahoe. The name "Tahoe" is an adaptation of a Washoe Indian word meaning "big water."

Connecticut State Figures (xslip)

This is a great card that give a lot of statistic on Connecticut. I got this via an exchange slip.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Alberta, Canada - Waterton (facebook)

Waterton, Waterton Lakes National Park
Spectacular Wateton Lakes National Park is located at the southern most part of the Canadiana Rockies.

I was fortunate enough to get this card from another postcard collector, who discovered my site via Facebook.

British Columbia, Canada - Atlin Lake

Atlin Lake, British Columbia from viewpointon Monarch Mountain.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brazil - Mar Dos Ingleses (BR-33210)

This is a great postcard via (BR-33210) showing Mar Dos Inleses.

Brazil - Brasilia ( - BR-39249)

This came via (BR-39249) Showing the Nacional Congress, LBV's Temple, Itamaraty Palaca and the National Theatre.

Austria - Steiermark

Got this one via exchange slip - it looks like a great view of the Alps.