Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rapides Parish – Alexandria, Louisiana

This came from the Alexandria – Pineville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. I’m not sure, but I did send a request to the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce that was located in Alexandria.

West Baton Rouge Parish – Port Allen, Lousiana

This one was received from West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce. It’s a great view of all that goes on in the “River Plantation Country”.

Newport County – Middletown, Rhode Island

The staff of the Hampton Inn & Suites of Middletown, Rhode Island sent this one. What a great view. I have heard of the Newport Jazz Festival it is one of the best.

Mobile County – Mobile, Alabama

This was received from Mobile Bay Business Journal not sure how they got the address, but it’s great anyway.

Assumption Parish – Napoleonville, Lousiana

The Assumption Parish Chamber of Commerce sent this card. I wish I knew what building this was.

Blue Earth County – Amboy, Minnesota

This was sent showing the old school from the Ridge School District that was formed in 1858. Amazing to think about going to school in a one-room school.

Natchitoches County – Natchitoches, Lousiana

The Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce . It is great to see the festivals that take place in each area.

Trinity County – Weaverville, California

The Trinity County Chamber of Commerce sent this one. They probably used the lake for getting water to help fight the terrible fires that this had this summer (when over half of the state of California was on fire.

Clarke County – Athens, Georgia

This came from the Athens Welcome Center. What a great thing that they saved this Federal period house to use as the Welcome Center.

Merrimack County – Concord, New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Historical Society sent this one of a shipment of Wells Fargo Coaches. The coaches were used here extensively in the west.

Natrona County – Casper, Wyoming

The Casper Area Chamber of Commerce was nice enough to send this to add to the collection. What a great picture of Fort Caspar.

Chittenden County – Burlington, Vermont

Waterfront Park, Burlington, VT
The boat House, Lke Champlaine and the distant Adirondack Mountains. A dazzling red maple tree announces the arrival of Vermont's most beautiful season.

The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce was nice enough to send this card. When I was about 8 we went on our first car ferry on Lake Champlain new New York.

Fairbanks Borough – Fairbanks, Alaska

This is a wonderful picture of Cushman Street for the 4th of July in 1917. Historical pictures are becoming a big things to collect. This came from the Alaska History Museum

Fairbanks Borough – Fairbanks, Alaska

What a great picture of the Northern Lights. I’m not sure I really want to be there at that time of year. I like to see the light of day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Behind in Scanning

PS I am a little behind in my scanning and hope to catch up this long Labor Day weekend

More Request Sent

I have now sent out about 948 requests to Chambers of Commerce, Wineries, Hotels, Bed
& Breakfasts. I’ve gotten 46 responses (unfortunately that’s about 5%). I figure if I sent about 200 a week for a couple of weeks that maybe the positive responses will go up.

Finland (

This is a great map card of Finland, one of my favorite categories of card that I like to collect.

Belgium - Francorchamps (

This is a postcard that has race cars on it. I’m sure my nephew would love it. He loves anything that has wheels.

Bonn – Germany (

This is a postcard Bonn, which was the former capital of Germany.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yamhill County – Dundee, Oregon

Here’s another one from a winery – . Sokol Blosser Winery I’m anxious to see how well I do getting from wineries.

Washington County– Gaston, Oregon

I love to drink wine so thought it would be great to see if any of the wineries had postcards so here is one from
Elk Cove Vineyards

Fairbanks Bourough – North Pole, Alaska

What a fun place this must be if you like Christmas – Santa Claus House

York County – Kennebunk-Kennebunkport, Maine

This is where the summer home of President George H. W. Bush. I’ve actually been able to see it once when I was back there. It was great to get from the Kennebunks Chamber of Commerce

Mower County – Austin, Minnesota

Here are two postcards from the Austin Visitors Bureau and one for the SPAM Museum hard to believe there is a museum just for SPAM

Ouray County – Ouray, Colorado

What a great picture showing the San Juan Mountains. Thanks to the Ouray Chamber Resort Association.

Bennington County – Manchester Center, Vermont

Well who knew you could win a contest for a presenting a postcard. Usually you have to send a postcard to enter a contest. This came from the Manchester & the Mountains Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Fond du Lac County– Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

A wonderful look at the lighthouse on Lake Winnebago. Thanks to the Fond du Lac Convention Bureau.

Mesa Country – Grand Junction, Colorado

A wonderful picture of the Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction in Mesa County

Crawford County– Alma, Arkansas

Pop in for a visit at Popeye's Town
Popeye is located at 825 Fayetteville Avenue next to te Alma Water Department.

Popeye’s Town – Alma , Arkansas Spinach Capital of the World. Alma Area Chamber of Commerce

Eau Claire County– Eau Claire, Wisconsin

This came from the
Chippewa Valley Visitor Bureau

Benton County – Bentonville, Arkansas

Andy Lynch Log Cabin on the grounds at the Peel Mansion

1875 Peel Mansion & Historic Gardens

Bentonville, Arkansas

Skamania County – Stevenson, Washington

Columbia River Gorge From Cape Horn, Washington
Although the Columbia River was discoverd by Euro-americans in 1792, when Captain Robert Gray found its mouth and named the river for his ship, the Columbia ??????, It was not until 1805 that the river would be explored by members of the Lewis & Clark Expeditionwho reported on its geology, geography, plants, animals, and peoples. By 1840 it had become the last stage of thelegendary Oregon Trail. Emigrants floated the river from the Dalles to Portland and the Willamette Valley. By 1849, nearly 12,000 people had entered Oregon via this route. Today, tamed by dams, the river is the only sea level passage through the Cascade Range and is usd by industry to transport grain, livestock, lumber, fruits, vegetables, and french-fries; and by boaters, fishermen and windsurfers for recreation.

Addison County - Vermont

The Addison County chamber of Commerce sent these two cards showing off winter activities.

Washington County – Delaware, North Carolina

This is a great card advertising the Forest Festival – looks like a lot of lumberjacking fun to me. Sent by the
Washington County Chamber of Commerce

Delaware County - New York

Penobscot County – Bangor, Maine

Washington County – Sandersville, Georgia

San Juan County – Silverton, Colorado

Morgan County - Colorado

Fort Morgan Library and Museum

This was sent by the Logan County Chamber of Commerce, since they are so close together.

Logan County - ????, CO

I got this lovely card from the
Logan County Chamber of Commerce

El Paso County – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Denver County – Denver, Colorado

Got a wonderful card from the Colorado History Museum

Alameda County – Oakland, California

These both came from the Oakland Convention & Visitors Bureau One is Downtown Oakland the other shows the Chabot Space & Science Center.

Bullock County – Union Springs, Alabama




They were kind enough to send 4 different cards highlighting their county.