Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brown County - Aberdeen, South Dakota - Dacotah Prairie Museum

Hatterscheidt Wildlife Gallery - African, Arctic, North American and Indian animals preserved in their natural habitat - but, can you tell where the life-like mural begins and ends?

Hatterscheidt Wildlife Gallery - Local school-children raised money to help restore the African elephant, and affectionately names him Peanut.

Hatterscheidt Wildlife Gallery - As the sun sets on the African plains, the magnificent creatures emerge from their richly detailed natureal habitats.

Brown County - Aberdeen, South Dakota - Storybook Land

Storybook Land * Wylie Park - Storybook Land at Wylie Park Is Aberdeen's crowning glory. This spacious park north of town features many statues and structures of famous fairy tales and children stories. The castle is a magical attraction enjoyed by families from around the globe.

Storybook Land Express - Children and adults can enjoy a relaxing ride on a genuine scale model replica of an 1836 C.P. Huntington Steam Engine around Storybook Land. Views of Storybook Land Castle, Storybook Land characters, Zoo Animals and The Land of Oz can all be see from the track.

Storybook Land * Wylie Park - Storybook pages come to live in Aberdeen's Storybook Land at Wylie Par. Many children's classics are represented here in statues and structures. Children of all ages are immediately drwn to the massive castle in the center of the park.

Brown County - Aberdeen, South Dakota - Twist Cone

This looks like a fun place to go......The Twist Cone - Little compares on a hot summer night, to a sweet treat from Aberdeen's iconic ice cream retreat. Fond memories are forged under these warm neon lights.

Brown County - Aberdeen, South Dakota - Court House

The Brown County Courthouse - Aberdeen is the county seat of Brown County. The Brown County Courthouse was dedicated in 1904 and is magnificently situated at the end of Lincoln Street in the heart of downtown. The clock tower can be seen from many vantage points around Aberdeen.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brown County - Aberdeen, South Dakota - Downtown

The Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce was kind enough to send quite a few cards. Here is the first one with more to come.

Brown County - Aberdeen, South Dakota - Oz

The Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce was kind enough to send quite a few cards. Here is the first one with more to come.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Madison County - Anderson, Indiana (Facebook)

I was lucky enough to get this card of the Mounds State Park from Anderson, Indiana via Facebook.

Germany - Leipzig (Facebook)

This is a great multi-view card of Leipzig, Germany from a Facebook friend - that I have sent a card to also.

Bennington County - North Bennington, Vermont

The people at The Eddington House Inn were kind enough to send me this nice postcard.

Osage County - Tulsa, Oklahoma (via xslips)

Fine Museums, unique galleries, distinctive architecture and two universities lend an air of sophistication to Tulsa, Okahoma' send largest city.

Located in northeastern Oklahoma, along the Arkansas River. Tulsa is a major center of the U.S. oil industry.

First incorporated in 1898, Tulsa was once considered the oil capital of the world, and has also played an important part in the nation's development of aviation, the space program and national defense.

Oklahoma - via xslip

Cowboy campfire at sunset.

The name Oklahoma is derived from two Choctaw Indian words meaning "red man". Their main industries include wheat, cattle, and peacans.

Rhode Island (via xslip)

This is a great card of Rhode Island adding to my map collecton. Got this one via an exchange slip.

Finland (via FI-490037)

What a great postcard - a daschund.

Russia (via - RU-42059)

What a great painting. I just wish I could read the Russian so I could find out more about the painting.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

China (via CN-64176)

Wanted to post the information right away.  This came from Wenjuan, but the stamps covered up the University that is on the postcard. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hong Kong (via HK-2598)

A little late in posting, since I got last month, but wha t alove Manet painting.

Netherlands - Alkmaar (via NL-150283)

This is a great multi-view of the town of Alkmaar in The Netherlands.  I love the sea of cheese.

Brazil, Sao Paulo (via BR-57474)

This is a great one from Brazil that show the reat "Palmeiras" soccer stadium.  What a wonderful addition to my stadium collection.

Italy - Sicilia (IT-35032)

This is a wonderful one of nightime views of the landmarks of Sicilia.  It great because the crescent moon is cut out.

Cook County - Chicago, Illinois (Facebook)

Heather was nice enough to send this one of the "Windy City" of Chicago to add to the collection.