Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brown County - Aberdeen, South Dakota - Storybook Land

Storybook Land * Wylie Park - Storybook Land at Wylie Park Is Aberdeen's crowning glory. This spacious park north of town features many statues and structures of famous fairy tales and children stories. The castle is a magical attraction enjoyed by families from around the globe.

Storybook Land Express - Children and adults can enjoy a relaxing ride on a genuine scale model replica of an 1836 C.P. Huntington Steam Engine around Storybook Land. Views of Storybook Land Castle, Storybook Land characters, Zoo Animals and The Land of Oz can all be see from the track.

Storybook Land * Wylie Park - Storybook pages come to live in Aberdeen's Storybook Land at Wylie Par. Many children's classics are represented here in statues and structures. Children of all ages are immediately drwn to the massive castle in the center of the park.

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